Reasons to Make the Switch to Access Control Locking Systems

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Reasons to Make the Switch to Access Control Locking Systems

3 May 2018
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A critical aspect of owning a commercial property is ensuring that it is provided with the highest levels of security. From surveillance cameras to trained personnel, no business owner should skimp on the quality of security that they invest in as this could make the difference between your property staying safe and being vandalised and losing a significant amount of profits. Another crucial measure to take is making sure that your locking system is up to par. While conventional locks may provide some degree of security, an access control system is a much better option for eliminating any risk of a breach. Read on to learn about the reasons why you should make the switch to access control locking systems for your commercial property.

Access control locking systems provide different levels of clearance

Traditional locks may bar entry to specific areas of your business premises, but as long as somebody has the key, they will have the ability to access these zones. Moreover, if you have numerous employees on hand, it can be difficult to track each individuals' movements. A more straightforward way of limiting access is by having different clearance levels for restricted areas. With an access control locking system, all your employees are furnished with the codes to gain entry to the property. However, you also get the chance to set individual clearance levels for everybody on site.

Access control locking systems provide a comprehensive log

Another prominent benefit of access control locking systems is that you no longer are in the dark about who enters or exits the different areas of your property. Since individuals that are accessing your building have to have a code, the control system automatically logs their entry and exit. You then have the chance to pull up these records any time you want to learn more about the movements in and around your building. As a bonus, you should consider coupling this lock technology with closed-circuit cameras so that you have visual data to go with the records in your log. In the event of a security breach, this tech makes it much simpler to narrow down the suspected culprits.

Access control locking systems provide versatile accessibility options

Some business owners may be wary of people walking around with the codes to their building. Nonetheless, this does not mean that an access control system will be unsuitable for their property. If you are uncomfortable with furnishing employees and visitors with access codes, you could choose a different form of accessibility such as biometric data, which is even more accurate and harder to hack. Biometric accessibility may cost more, but you can rest assured that your property has the highest levels of security.