4 Stressful Situations When You Really Need a Locksmith

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4 Stressful Situations When You Really Need a Locksmith

14 January 2016
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Think you only need a locksmith when your house has been broken into? Think again. There are plenty of key-related situations when it makes sense to call a professional. Here are four stressful situations when you really need a locksmith.

1. You've partied too hard and lost your keys

You know the drill by now. You say you're popping out for one drink and end up having a belly-full. The problem is, you need to stumble home and make it back to your bed without disturbing everyone else in your property. If you've lost your keys, a professional will open your front door quicker than you can say 'I'm never drinking again'. You won't have to knock on the door or ring the alarm and have to face the wrath of your grumpy housemates the next morning either. 

2. You've left your keys at work 

Deadlines, meetings and targets: with so much going on in your professional life, are you really expected to remember your keys too? Phoning a locksmith will likely be the best call you've ever made if you get to your front door and realise you've left your keys in your desk drawer and are locked out. You won't need to smash the window or break down the door, and you'll be sitting on your sofa by the time the early evening news comes on. Problem solved. 

3. Your child wants their own key

My, how time flies. Your children were once little bundles of joy. Now they're lanky, spotty and asking you for more independence. A locksmith can cut a spare pair of keys for any teen who wants to pop out for a few hours and do teenage stuff. You get the house to yourself for a few hours, and they feel like responsible adults with their shiny new key. Everyone's a winner.

4. You've forgotten the password for your alarm system

Snazzy home alarm systems are great for your security and all, but what happens when you forget the password? It's an easy mistake to make, especially when you have to memorise pin numbers, usernames, and birthdays. You're not Rain Man. Luckily, a professional can help if you're locked out but don't want to trigger the alarm system after several failed attempts. By using a keypad lock, a locksmith can prove to be a real lifesaver in this situation. You'll still need to remember your password tomorrow or contact your security company to reset the alarm system, but at least you'll have access to your property.