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Welcome. My name is Kelly. I know a lot about keys, locks and safes, and I want to share that information with you. My father was a locksmith, and as a single dad, he ended up taking me to work with him a lot. Later, I learned more about safes in particular when I studied criminal justice briefly. Ultimately, I decided to take my professional life in a different direction, but I love these topics, reading about them and writing about them. If the info in these blogs helps you -- and I certainly hope it does -- please share these posts with your friends. Enjoy!


Reasons to Make the Switch to Access Control Locking Systems

3 May 2018
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A critical aspect of owning a commercial property is ensuring that it is provided with the highest levels of security. From surveillance cameras to trained personnel, no business owner should skimp on the quality of security that they invest in as this could make the difference between your property staying safe and being vandalised and losing a significant amount of profits. Another crucial measure to take is making sure that your locking system is up to par. Read More …