4 Tips to Help Prevent Getting Locked Out of the House

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4 Tips to Help Prevent Getting Locked Out of the House

5 May 2016
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If you have ever been locked out of the house, you know how frustrating it can be. While there are some situations that can't be avoided, there are also ways to reduce the frequency of being locked out. Here are some tips for avoiding getting locked out in the future.

Know Where to Stash a Spare Key

One of the best things you can do is make a spare key and hide it somewhere safe, but choosing where to hide it is very important. You should never hide a key under a rock or turtle by your front door or under the mat; people already know to look there. You need to be a little more creative and choose places someone wouldn't even think to look. For example, if you have a dog house, you can hide the key underneath it. A thief is not going to want to go anywhere near the dog house when trying to break in. Some other good places include underneath a rock in the garden that is among many other rocks, inside the electrical panel, or underneath siding.

Keep the Key Attached to Another Personal Item

If you are someone that has a tendency to lock doors with the keys inside, then you will need this tip. Instead of just keeping your house key on its own keyring, attach it to something else that you use frequently. For example, after using it to unlock or lock the door, immediately attach it to a keyring attached to your purse. You can also keep it attached to the lanyard you use for work or connected to your bus pass. You will likely remember to bring these other items and always know where they are, so you are never without your house key.

Learn How to Use a Bump Key

There are going to be times when you have misplaced your house key and need to get inside another way. A good method to use is to open the lock with a bump key. You place the bump key in the lock, then hit it with a tool, such as a hammer. It is a lock picking technique that requires the use of a custom bump key for your lock specifically. It will take some practice using it to open locks, so you might want to take some time learning how to use it with other locks. Keep the bump key hidden somewhere you can grab it easily if you get locked out.

Have a Keyless Lock Installed

You can also eliminate the need for a key altogether by having an electronic access system installed on the front door. Instead of using a key, you will enter a numeric code to gain access to your home. Make sure you don't use a code anyone could guess, such as your phone number, social security number, driver's license or license plate number, or address.

Talk to your local locksmith for more ideas on how to prevent getting locked out of your house.