The Essential Services of a Mobile Locksmith

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The Essential Services of a Mobile Locksmith

9 May 2016
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Everyone has experienced the panic that comes with losing keys or locking them in the house or car. When this happens to you, it is better to seek professional help than damage the lock trying to get in yourself. A mobile locksmith's services can be useful in such situations. With a reliable one, you will be on your way to work, school or play in no time.

Apart from being locked out for having lost/misplaced your keys, you may find yourself in other situations requiring the intervention of a locksmith. For instance, your lock may:

  • Develop technical problems and get jammed or stop working altogether
  • Get damaged following an accident or forced entry
  • Succumb to aging – depending on the lock type, maintenance, usage, among other reasons

Mobile locksmiths will come to your location and perform any repairs or installation on-site. The basic services offered by a locksmith are listed below.

Lock Change

There are many reasons to have locks in your home changed. For instance, the lock may malfunction and become harder to open, or you may just want to upgrade your locks to a more secure system. You may also want to replace locks when you move to a new place in case there are copies of the current lock's keys lurking in the wrong hands.

You can ask a mobile locksmith for a recommendation on which locks to buy. Taking into account the nature of your environment, needs, and budget, the locksmith will advise on what you need to improve your security.

Car Lockout

You may have locked your keys in the vehicle or misplaced them. A mobile locksmith will arrive at your location and help retrieve the keys by unlocking the car. For security reasons, you will have to prove ownership of the vehicle before work begins. It is advised that you do not try to pry open the lock yourself because this could damage your vehicle and even prevent a professional from opening it. Having a mobile locksmith's number on your speed dial is therefore not a bad idea.

Key Replacement

If your misplaced keys are never found and you need a new set of keys, then a professional locksmith comes in handy. You will have to prove that you own the vehicle first before you are given the replacement key.

Lock Re-keying

For some residential or commercial properties, the solution may be as simple as re-keying your lock instead of replacing the entire lock. In this case, the mobile locksmith will appraise the lock before changing the pins. This will require a new set of matching keys which will also be provided.

There are numerous other services offered by mobile locksmiths, including broken key extractions, safe combination change, contracted emergency lockout services, installation and repair of panic bars, and upgrading of old locks.