Tips to Remember When Applying Film After Glass Repairs

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Tips to Remember When Applying Film After Glass Repairs

22 June 2016
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Follow these handy tips if you would like to place window film on glass after replacing a pane that was broken by a burglar.

Watch Out for Damage in the Glass

You may be in a hurry to replace the broken windowpane before it becomes dark. In your haste, you may damage the glass as you install it in the pane, and it may be unwise to place window film over a cracked windowpane. This is because the film may prevent the glass from expanding and contracting evenly as temperature changes occur. Consequently, the glass may break along that cracked portion. It is therefore better for you to examine the glass closely for signs of damage before you install the window film.

Be Mindful of the Temperature

Window film may take a few days to set fully. During that time, any drastic drop in temperature may cause air bubbles to be trapped within the film. Such bubbles can make the window film to look unattractive. Thus, it is advisable for you to perform the emergency glass repairs and wait until temperatures are less likely to drop to near freezing so that you can apply the window film. That stable temperature will allow the window film to set uniformly so that the air bubbles mentioned earlier do not form as the glass contracts in the cold temperature within those first days after you have installed the film.

Choose Where You Install the Film Carefully

Some window film manufacturers may give you the liberty to choose whether you install the film inside or outside the window. It may be better for you to install the film inside the window. This is because the glass will protect the film from the vagaries of the elements, such as rain. Such protection will help to prolong the lifespan of the window film.

Avoid Placing Film All Over the Glass

You may be compelled to conduct more emergency glass repairs if you place window film on the entire surface of the glass. This is because the glass will break if the film prevents it from expanding and contracting as the temperature changes in the course of the day. A more sustainable approach is to trim the film so that there is a gap of a few millimeters between the film and the window frame. That gap will be sufficient for the glass to expand and contract without being constrained by the film.

Hire an emergency glass repair professional to install the film in case there are several windows that were damaged during the burglary. That professional will use his or her experience to complete the job quickly so that your home is restored to the state it was in before the break-in.