Secure Your Business Documents by Renting a Self Storage Unit

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Secure Your Business Documents by Renting a Self Storage Unit

20 July 2016
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Even with advancements in technology and electronics, it is impossible to eliminate all hard documents in business. As time goes by, many business owners find themselves with numerous documents that are filed and stored and taking up too much office space. Self-storage units are valuable to businesses as they provide remote, secure storage for business documents, allowing you to utilize office space efficiently. 

Why choose self-storage?

Depending on the type of business you run, you may be dealing with documents such as the following:

•    Human resource records such as attendance records, medical benefits, personal files, and workers' compensation records.

•    Accounting records such as income tax returns, financial statements, general ledgers, payroll tax returns, income tax withholdings, and expense reports.

•    Business plans and building blueprints, internal audit records, and property appraisals.

•    Clients' collateral documents such as property title deeds and car log books

Self-storage prevent loss and damage from fire and weather elements. The units are also usually secured with locks or even surveillance systems, so it is impossible for unauthorized individuals to access the documents.

How to utilize a self-storage unit

Once you rent out a self-storage unit for your business, it is paramount to understand how to use it efficiently to allow easy and convenient access to documents when needed. Here are some tips on how to do this.

•    Use storage boxes

Storage boxes are an easy way of storing your documents for easy access. Most companies offering self-storage services, like Store-It-Safe, sell boxes that you can utilize. For convenience, you can store similar documents together, or documents belonging to the same client together. Also, label the boxes so that you don't have to dig into each one of them when looking for a document.

•    Add storage supplies to the unit

Storage supplies such as shelving units and filing cabinets can ease storage of archived documents. Your self-storage company can help set up these fixtures in your unit. You can label the cabinets and shelves as well for convenient retrieval of records.

•    Arrange documents properly

Whether you are using boxes, shelves, or units, ensure that you have the documents organized properly. The frequently used ones should be readily available, for example, on the bottom or middle shelves and cabinets. If you have to stack boxes together, place the ones with the least used documents at the bottom.

Business documents can take up too much valuable space in your office. Self-storage units offer secure off-site storage of business documents allowing you to utilize the extra space and keep your office decluttered.