4 Best Tips When Upgrading Your Residential Door Locks and Handles

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4 Best Tips When Upgrading Your Residential Door Locks and Handles

3 October 2017
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Homepagers often overlook household hardware such as locks and handles yet they are integral to a home. Apart from aesthetics, the hardware adds functionality and might even increase the value of your property. With many designs of door hardware on the market, how do you remove the guesswork out of your choice? When you want to upgrade your door handles and locks, here are some well thought-out ideas to help you along the way.

Quality -- Handles and locks should last for years without malfunctioning or needing replacement. Some of the clearest indicators of excellent craftsmanship and quality door fixtures are their finish and weight. Most often, thick locks and handles are of high quality compared to their lighter counterparts. Therefore, investing in quality and durable door fixtures will not only give you a longer service life but also minimize repair and replacement costs.     

Contemporary or Traditional Style -- The style of your home will highly impinge upon the type of door handles to be purchased. Sophisticated handles such as the modern angular type might not fit well with a traditional door design. Chrome door handles may be ideal for modern homes due to their accentuated aesthetics. Talk to an expert in door handles for a range of style applicable to your home.

Resistant to Lock Bumping -- Burglars often gain entry to a home by picking locks on the exterior doors. One common method used by such burglars is lock bumping, which is the use of a unique key that opens pins in the lock. Once the pins are opened, the lock automatically gives way. Furthermore, this is the same approach used by locksmiths to open locks when you have misplaced your keys. However, due to the ease of such a system, it is recommended that you buy locks that are resistant to bumping. Your vendor can offer the best advice, but some locks have labels that indicate if they have the anti-bumping technology.

DIY or Professionally Installed? -- Before purchasing a door handle or lock, consider whether you will install them by yourself or you hire a pro to do it. Some door locks have multiple accessories and components that must be assembled before installing like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. If you are not very handy, you might not put the pieces together, and thus, the lock could fail to work. A professional touch is also desirable when installing door handles for purposes of longevity. However, if you are a DIYer, you can install these door fixtures by following the owner's manual.