3 Reasons Locksmiths Advocate for Rekeying Over Lock Changes

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3 Reasons Locksmiths Advocate for Rekeying Over Lock Changes

28 March 2022
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When you misplace or lose a key, move to a new house or experience a security breach, the chances are high that you will feel insecure with the current locks. In most cases, homeowners feel the urge to change the locks to guarantee the security of their property. While there is no doubt that changing locks beefs up security, locksmiths are quick to point out that is not the only option. In fact, rekeying can be as effective as changing the locks. This article highlights the main reasons some locksmiths advocate for rekeying.

Reduces Vulnerability to Security Breaches

Time is of the essence when you lose a key and are afraid that someone might find it and access your home. The longer you wait, the higher the chances of a security breach. Unfortunately, you become vulnerable when you opt to change the locks because you must research, shop and buy the new hardware before hiring a locksmith to install them. On the other hand, rekeying wastes no time because a locksmith can accomplish the task in minutes. Thus, it helps cut down the time your home is vulnerable to security breaches, giving you peace of mind. Ultimately, rekeying makes you less vulnerable because a locksmith can arrive at your home in a couple of minutes, depending on your location, and get the job done.


When you buy a lock from a hardware store, the chances are high that it will be a generic model. Unfortunately, standard models can be easily unlocked with similar keys. Thus, it can make your home less secure and is something experienced locksmiths try to educate their clients about. Therefore, rather than worry about your generic lock being susceptible to a security breach, why not ask your locksmith to rekey it? Since rekeying involves changing the pin placements, a locksmith can easily transform a generic lock into a unique and highly secure lock. In addition, you can rest assured that no other key can unlock your customised or rekeyed lock.

Preserve Current Locks

The locks in modern homes are much more than security features because they add an aesthetic dimension. Therefore, it is easy for a locksmith to understand if you are unwilling to change the locks. It is particularly the case if the locks are unique, like those found in ancient houses. In such cases, a locksmith will recommend that you rekey your locks instead of changing them. It goes a long way in preserving the aesthetics of the current locks while getting the job done regarding security expectations. Moreover, you save money by rekeying the current locks since you do not need new hardware.

Talk to a locksmith to decide on the best option for your home.