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Welcome. My name is Kelly. I know a lot about keys, locks and safes, and I want to share that information with you. My father was a locksmith, and as a single dad, he ended up taking me to work with him a lot. Later, I learned more about safes in particular when I studied criminal justice briefly. Ultimately, I decided to take my professional life in a different direction, but I love these topics, reading about them and writing about them. If the info in these blogs helps you -- and I certainly hope it does -- please share these posts with your friends. Enjoy!


When You Are Locked Out Of Your House By A Frozen Lock

30 June 2016
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During periods of extremely low temperatures, not even the padlocks or locks can escape the effects of the cold. Locks tend to develop ice during the cold season which makes it hard for a key to enter or turn. Trying to open a frozen lock can be a tough and frustrating experience, but it can also be easy if you know the tricks. The following are a few tricks you can try to unfreeze and open a frozen lock. Read More …

Tips to Remember When Applying Film After Glass Repairs

22 June 2016
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Follow these handy tips if you would like to place window film on glass after replacing a pane that was broken by a burglar. Watch Out for Damage in the Glass You may be in a hurry to replace the broken windowpane before it becomes dark. In your haste, you may damage the glass as you install it in the pane, and it may be unwise to place window film over a cracked windowpane. Read More …

Key Broken in The Lock? Don’t Panic! Here’s What You Need to Do…

7 June 2016
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If your key has snapped in the lock of your front door, your first reaction may be to panic. Don't worry; you can quickly get back into your home if you follow these steps. Remove the Broken Key The first thing you need to do is knock on your neighbour's door and ask to borrow a tool kit. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to grab the part of the broken key that is sticking out of the lock. Read More …

Questions to Ask When Calling an Emergency Locksmith

31 May 2016
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If you're calling an emergency locksmith because of being locked out of your home or car, you want to ensure you know everything involved in hiring their services and what to expect. You also want to make sure you've told them everything they need to know to be prepared for your type of lock and your situation. Note a few questions to ask so nothing gets overlooked when you need an emergency locksmith. Read More …

Smart Locks: What You Need to Know Before You Throw Away Your Keys

23 May 2016
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For centuries, people have been using metal locks and keys to secure their homes. However, we could be about to enter a new era of home security. By using wireless technology to connect with a smartphone app, smart locks are now able to unlock doors for people who live in a home, while keeping out unwanted intruders. It's a clever concept, but how well does the technology actually work? How Smart Locks Work in Theory Read More …