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Kelly's Keys, Locks and Safes Blog: Tips, Ideas and Strategies

Welcome. My name is Kelly. I know a lot about keys, locks and safes, and I want to share that information with you. My father was a locksmith, and as a single dad, he ended up taking me to work with him a lot. Later, I learned more about safes in particular when I studied criminal justice briefly. Ultimately, I decided to take my professional life in a different direction, but I love these topics, reading about them and writing about them. If the info in these blogs helps you -- and I certainly hope it does -- please share these posts with your friends. Enjoy!


Smart Locks: What You Need to Know Before You Throw Away Your Keys

23 May 2016
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For centuries, people have been using metal locks and keys to secure their homes. However, we could be about to enter a new era of home security. By using wireless technology to connect with a smartphone app, smart locks are now able to unlock doors for people who live in a home, while keeping out unwanted intruders. It's a clever concept, but how well does the technology actually work? How Smart Locks Work in Theory Read More …

The Essential Services of a Mobile Locksmith

9 May 2016
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Everyone has experienced the panic that comes with losing keys or locking them in the house or car. When this happens to you, it is better to seek professional help than damage the lock trying to get in yourself. A mobile locksmith's services can be useful in such situations. With a reliable one, you will be on your way to work, school or play in no time. Apart from being locked out for having lost/misplaced your keys, you may find yourself in other situations requiring the intervention of a locksmith. Read More …

4 Tips to Help Prevent Getting Locked Out of the House

5 May 2016
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If you have ever been locked out of the house, you know how frustrating it can be. While there are some situations that can't be avoided, there are also ways to reduce the frequency of being locked out. Here are some tips for avoiding getting locked out in the future. Know Where to Stash a Spare Key One of the best things you can do is make a spare key and hide it somewhere safe, but choosing where to hide it is very important. Read More …

Deadbolt VS Electronic Keypad: Which Lock Is Best?

25 April 2016
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If you are planning on getting a new house lock, you might be deciding between a high-security deadbolt or an electronic keypad. Both of these options will keep your home safe, but their qualities are quite different. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing between these two options. Electronic Keypads Are Easy to Program A major benefit to having an electronic keypad installed in your home is that they are easy for you to program. Read More …

Services You May Not Know Are Performed By a Locksmith

21 April 2016
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You may know to call a locksmith when you've been locked out of your house or car, or when you move into a new home and want to change the locks. However, this is not the only time you might benefit from their services, as locksmiths do much more than just let you back in to your home or car after a lockout. Note a few services you may not know are often performed by a locksmith so you know when to call one. Read More …